A bad, bad morning

12/08/2018 Off By the writer

Mornings don’t have to include breaking a limb to be bad, the worst mornings are often caused by the most trivial things, which are so little and yet so impactful.

This is a short recount of the “worst” morning of my life, so far.

Rather, mine started at night. I usually go to sleep on time but that night I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep, in fact it was rather strange, I didn’t get up later than usually, 7:30, was quite busy during university, and even went swimming earlier. Despite all of this I fell asleep by about 03:00.

Sleeping late and getting up early has rarely been a problem for me, but on this day, as it was meant to be I got up late for a 9:00 lecture, not by a few minutes but rather 15 minutes, giving me only 35 minutes to get ready and have breakfast. I even managed to get ready on time compromising breakfast.

But just as I was about leave my mum reminded me of my grandmother’s birthday, and called her up to wish her. As if I wasn’t late already, my grandfather picked up the phone to tell me to call on his phone since the home phone wasn’t working well. After calling he makes it all worth nothing since my grandmother was sleeping, so I had to wish her later. By the end of this I was about 9 minutes behind what was already a tight schedule due to the early lecture.

As trivial and common as this seems, it can really upset your day if you are not used to it, as evidently I am not.

Me being me, I didn’t let that deter me from wanting to make it on time so I hurried to the tube station and I figured I should make the lecture on time if I walk fast, but that was perhaps my biggest mistake since I rushed on the stairs. Complimenting my misfortune I sprained my ankle on the last step, not the first time but definitely the worst of my life. This time I almost fell to the floor, and took about 10 seconds to get back up on my feet, well, on my foot, still feeling immense pain. Deep inside I knew I shouldn’t board the train which had pulled up at the platform, but without taking the sprain seriously I limped on the train.

Luck was taunting me today, as soon as the doors closed I started to feel dizzy like I have never felt before in my life. I have felt dizzy before but this was something else, I couldn’t even shake it off after a few seconds, that’s when I reached out for my bottle of water inside my bag. I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t, my bottle wasn’t there, and I had a semi-conscious flashback to taking my bottle out of my bag to refill, but due to the phone call I left it there on the table. For the first time, I regretted rushing onto the train.

The next minute is a fade in memory, I vaguely remember being on the floor while someone is trying to pick me up from the ground. The next thing I remember is a lady kindly giving me her bottle of water while I am sitting down on a seat. I didn’t know who gave up their seat for me, but was constantly thanking him or her in my mind. Soon enough I felt normal, and started gaining full consciousness. Just to make sure I was okay, people suggested I should get off at the next stop, so I did the same, thanking everyone on my way out, especially those who helped me up and got me a seat.

Even though I took the next train, I still felt bad, the difference this time was that I felt bad for everyone on the train for putting them through the hassle, especially those individuals who personally helped me. I ended up being on time for lecture, even though I limped to it.

Others say everyday is a lesson. I say everyday is an experience, sometimes good, often bad, but it always turns out to be okay, one way or another.