A bucket list

A bucket list

27/09/2018 Off By the writer

Everyone has a list of things they want to do, big or small, good or bad, weird or normal, but they don’t often share them because they are too scared of people’s opinion of it, or the regret that they might not be able to complete it. This is not good for self belief, and I have realised we shouldn’t care about people’s opinions so my bucket list will no longer remain secret. Please let me know what you think of it, and how your bucket list differs from mine.

Filled with things I want to do, some small, some generic, some a little weird, here it goes, in no particular order.

1. Jump off a cliff into the sea

Sure it seems normal, but in deeper thought, it is about moving away from the edge of land, giving yourself up to the natural elements. Letting go of the earth, enjoying the air at the water rushes onto you, all while you enjoy the heat of summer, hoping that none of them will hurt you. Plus it makes for a great video.

2. Say I love you

We don’t always manage to say those words to those who matter to us, whether it be family or a significant other. I know that I am one of those, but I don’t want to be, I want them to know how I feel, despite actions which make them feel otherwise. Little but probably the closest to my heart.

3. See the midnight sun

It’s one thing to like the beauty of the sun at mid day, but a completely different one to witness it at midnight, a spectacle which goes against the human perception of night. I want to see this view while with my favourite person/people in the world, because it brings a sense of togetherness(if that is a word) which is second to none. I thought of this while in Norway in December, when there is absolutely so sun all at, and seeing no sun weirdly made me want to see all sun, seeing both ends of the spectrum.

4. Go on a solo trip across multiple nations

This is nothing new in the context of the world, a lot of people go on solo trips. But those who haven’t gone on one don’t realise that it means more than it sounds. When you are alone you can’t be dependent on anyone and no one is there to help you. Hoping from city to city, staying in a hotel room one night then shifting to a shared hostel room for another. Meeting new people, having unique experiences. A solo trip is absolutely unparalleled for self development. A month or two just by yourself.

5. Be up on the stage

Being an introvert, I find it difficult to communicate with people, hence why I just want to on the stage at least once in my life, it doesn’t have to be a big stage, even a small restaurant will do. I won’t mind what I do, dance, sing, say a speech, act, or be a stand up comic for the night. I just want to be able to look at everyone in front of me and do my best.

6. Participate in a marathon

Sure it is difficult, but I want to be able to complete a full marathon. Why? It just gives you a sense of accomplishment that you are worthy, reagrdless of time. It is the pinnacle of fitness and a real statement to the world of your ability. Not to mention you get to show off a little.

7. Learn a new language

Many people lose touch with education once they graduate and start working, but once I graduate and have worked for some time, I would love to learn a new language. Only to the extent of making normal conversation and writing. And when I get through one, I want to start with a new language. I guess this one is more about not stopping to learn through life, and the language is just the means to it, however, knowing a few languages is very useful, as well as cool.

8. Visit all 7 continents

I like to travel, but one thing I haven’t yet managed to do is go to more than 2 continents. By the age of 30 I want this to no longer be the case, rather, I want to have visited every continent. This is largely simple, apart from the last continent, Antarctica, which is harder to go to, but hopefully in a few years it should be easier.

9. To be on TV/newspaper

For the right reasons of course. Whether it be for something I did, said, or even in the background, it is just nice to know that someone somewhere saw you on a public platform.

10. Adopt

We have taken enough from the world’s beauty and wildife, I want to give a little back, and do my part. I want to adopt an endangered animal, in the hope that it will actually do some good. The simple thought of saving a life is bliss.

11. ICS

Following on from the last, I want to do as much as possible in order to improve lives of those who aren’t quite as lucky as us, and those who just need that little help.

12. See a moonbow

Aka see a rainbow caused by the light of the moon instead of the sun, which can only happen at night. I doubt this one will ever come true but hope is everything.

I hope to do at least one thing each year, but finish these by 30, and add more as I go on.

Then are the things I have already done from my bucket list:

Fall in love – 2015

Go on a trek – 2017

See the auroras – 2016

Ride a snowmobile – 2015

See a double rainbow – 2015

My list isn’t great or extraordinary, but it is mine, and I do want to live it, experience it, complete it.

What’s on your list?