A friendship worth 9 years

16/07/2018 Off By the writer

It was the middle of February, the date I can not
remember but it was a Wednesday, I was on my way
for a 9am lecture. I was a minute early to the station
so i thought I would get to the back of the platform
where it was not as crowded. Just as the train on the
adjacent platform pulled up i knew there will be a lot of
people trying to get on the same train, but I could never
have seen this coming. Coming out of the train I saw
a face which i hadn’t seen since the end of sixth form,
almost 2 years. Let’s call this person V. As soon as our
eyes met we both were pleasantly surprised to see
each other after so long. We greeted like any school
mates would, trying to catch up on each other’s lives
in the few minutes we had together on the train. As it
turns out V also had a lecture for 9am.
Through high school and sixth form (7 years) we never
really had a conversation, but those few minutes we
had plenty to talk about and it felt to me that we had
that connect, as if we had always been talking. It didn’t
last long as she had to get off at the next stop but i felt
great after that, it was lovely to see a classmate after
years and talk, that too before a 9am lecture.
Later that day I messaged her and to my surprise even
she responded with a positive attitude. We started
chatting from there, about our lives, about school
memories along with other things. The chats flowed
very well to my surprise. All this keeping in mind that
we only ever shared 1 class through our education.
Despite barely interacting in class, the subject
only lasted for 2 years, it was enjoyable to talk to V.
From then on I kept in touch with her. We met up
a number of times, mostly library but sometimes
otherwise, casually and for activities. Now, months
down the line, she is the only person from school i am
frequently in touch with, although, i was never one to
socialise in the first place. Until the station we were
pretty much just strangers who saw each other’s faces
for 7 years, then didn’t for almost another 2, but in the
next few weeks and months that changed, and we
became friends, or at least I hope we have.
It taught me that a friendship can come anywhere,
from anyone and at any time, you just need to realise
the importance of it and embrace it.