My First Love

16/08/2018 Off By the writer

This one’s a bit weird (and short) but I think about my first love often, too often in fact.

It all started on 27th September 2015. I was at a party which I had no intention of going to. Rather I was forced to attend, but now I will never forget it. It was during this that I was first introduced to it, in a way. On the hour long journey back, I read a lot about it. With my fascination growing very quickly, I saw many past photos and videos.

I reached home at about 12am after what had already been a long day. Fortunately I just couldn’t sleep due to the thought. Despite trying hard to fall sleep, since it was Monday the next day, it just wasn’t meant to be. So I decided to meet it, well, see it. I opened the window and there it was, the Moon in all it’s glory. Looking back, it isn’t a surprise to me why I loved the Moon from them, everything that day was perfect. A super-full-moon (total) eclipse, or as the media called it, the super blood moon.

I just sat on my window looking at it for hours before the eclipse started. It still looked beautiful in it’s natural form. Words haven’t been invented for the feelings going through me at that time, it was that moment of peace and quiet I needed. By 3 am the eclipse had finally started. Although constantly struggling to see it out of the window, I kept trying, eventually to witness what was probably the most enlightening moment of my life(so far).

It slowly started to change from white to a tinge of red, getting darker by the minute, until it reached the blood-moon. It was a passage of time by which I was mesmerized completely. That day I took around 600 photos of the Moon and the sky. They weren’t good quality given my camera lens at the time, but I have upgraded since then. I continue to take photos on a regular basis, whenever the Moon looks good, and whenever the clouds allow. I ended up going to sleep at 5 am that day, but it was all completely worth it for I had found something to love beyond people.

After that experience, I follow lunar events and always look at the Moon, day or night, if I am with someone I make them look at it too. Another loved one even asked me “you probably have a LOT of photos of the moon on your phone, don’t you?”, all I could say was “not enough”.

The beauty of the Moon has taught me many things that night and since, of which the most memorable was that we can see beauty even in things others don’t, or even think is destruction(because in old cultures an eclipse was a sign of destruction and sorrow).