School Nostalgia

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Nostalgia- School

Have you ever felt down? There is no real for it but you
just can’t help it. It isn’t depression but from the inside
you feel very sad. In fact I am having one of those
feelings right now, and believe me, they can last for
days. So this time I thought I should remember past
stories, or, rather, recollect my years at high school.
Sorry if this gets too philosophical but here’s an
attempt to relive some memories.

Chapter 1. The friends

Friends are something that can be found is every part
of your life, but you never forget high school friends.
They are your second family, since you spend as much
as half your time awake with them while in school.
You could meet after years ad still bond the same way
as in school, maybe more so than your university best
friend. There will always be a very relaxed vibe when
they are around, it is as if they comfort you, and you
are very free around them, no matter the situation.

This doesn’t only apply to those friends who are very
close. You could have shared only one class together
but meeting them suddenly will bring a big smile
to your face, as it turns out they are best to talk to
because you go on to create a very strong friendship,
with old roots but young stories, mixed with your life
experiences which have made you more mature.

Friendship is the purest form of companionship, and it
is only strengthened when it comes to school friends.

Chapter 2. The fights

You can have a million arguments during high
school, but you will always let go, especially on the
last day of high school.
Since there were many clashing personalities in one
place, there were bound to be fights, verbal, physical
and even cold wars. My class even created a civil
war, which involved throwing pieces of paper at
each other during class.

Although that was a very fun fight, there were plenty of
real fights too, between all kinds of people, boy vs boy,
girl vs girl, girl vs boy, and even student vs teacher.
It is only after you leave you grow up that you realise
that all those fights were priceless and that you
actually miss seeing them, being a part of them.

Fights were also a great way to keep interaction
up between classmates. I used to endlessly argue
with one of my classmates, even though we never
needed to, it just kept interaction up between us, but
we never held it for long, and always helped each
other otherwise. People still remind me how much
we used fight, which shows how these little things
make a big memory. It created a unique bond, not

really “enemies”

, but close enough to make sure the

“friend” was always there.

Personally, I saw a lot of people fight for 5 years
through school, but when it came to leaving day,
they all hugged it out, because they knew it was all
for nothing, and that once we leave we will never get
those moments back, no matter how much we tried.

Chapter 3. Crushes

EVERYONE had a crush in high school, whether or not
they admit to it. Crushes were something we couldn’t
control, but neither could we show fully, because we
feared the consequences. That’s where friends came
in, who would manage to find out about your crush,
and then your crush would be an open secret.

Crushes worked in a very weird way, sometimes
you feel infatuated towards someone even though
you might not have ever spoken to them in your
life(speaking with experience).
Maybe they were in your form class, in which case
you told no one about them in order to avoid any
sort of confrontation.
Maybe it was someone who you sat next to for a while,
the worst kind, because you would always behave
differently while they were next to you, maybe you
froze when they spoke to you, or maybe you were too
relaxed with them to avoid suspicion.

Sometimes a classmate tells you by accident that
you are someone’s crush, a person that you may not
even know, or ever met. Sometimes you find out that
someone you were friends with has a crush on you, in
which case you wouldn’t know how to react, especially
if you didn’t feel the same way, and you can’t confront
in case it isn’t true or it becomes awkward.

If you had enough confidence, you would approach
your crush, sometimes it worked and other times it
didn’t. If someone approached you, firstly, you will
shocked, then proud/flattered, but then you wouldn’t
necessarily know how to react.

Crushes have that same effect later on in life too but
school crushes are very memorable.

Chapter 4. Teachers

They teach you more than just a certain subject.
They give you important life lessons just by being
themselves, their character tells you a lot about life.
Once you get to know the teachers you realise that
they are just like you, just a little older, even they have
families, friends, and a life out of the school.

Some teachers really connect with students on a
personal level which helps break out of the typical
student-teacher relationship. Some teachers will even

tell the class about their families, habits etc. Then
come those who are extremely friendly, to a point
where they roast you in front of the entire year group
but know that there will be no hard feelings.

Then come the strict and grumpy teachers. These will
never talk to you about themselves and everyone will
fear them. Their classes will always be the quietest
and disciplined. And that was it about them, nothing
else could be made out of it.

Then came the best kind, the middle ones, those
who were very friendly and yet no one would mess
with them because you didn’t want to see their bad
side. These were often the best teachers, those
which knew how to get the job done but were also
loved by the children.

Teachers taught you more than just subjects,
they taught you life lessons. Nut the biggest thing
they taught everyone was… not to become a
teacher, otherwise you will have hundreds of kids
screaming in your ear.

Chapter 5. Exams

This is the world’s most hated word, no matter what
stage of life you are at.

Until year 9/10, they seem innocent, but as soon you

reach year 10/11, your life faces a new enemy, which
will never let its guard down, and always get back up to
fight another day. But the happiest we ever feel during
school in when exams finish.

School exams taught us what exams really are,
and how a few hours can impact our entire lives.
This is where we experienced stress for the first
time in our lives.



This was just an attempt to live the good old school days again, and i missed plenty of aspects in this piece, but that’s the fun part, everyone looks at it differently, tell me how you look at it.